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A sports brand Puma launched two Trinomic XT1 Plus new color design, are British shoes shop JD Sports exclusive models. With dark grey and white as a color tone, and the silver bottom in EVA add details. It is reported that the two colors are priced at 60 pounds. 0.jpg (79.29 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-2 16:53 upload 1.jpg (68.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-2 16:53 upload This post was finally edited by sohoo at 2015-4-4 09:48 the start of April Air Jordan shoes market, the Warner Brothers' Hare Jordan 'series of Bugs Bunny and become a hot concern we have pioneered, engraved version of the Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid WB and Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid Lola will also be listed for sale in the first week. When 0.jpg (36.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2015-4-4 date: April 1st shoes: Jordan EclipseColor: item: 724010-010 1.jpg (84.48 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2015-4-4 date: April 4th Color: White/Metallic Silver-Black item: 136027-130 2.jpg (49.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to albumYesterday after the Reebok officially on sale Kamikaze 1 black and blue color, equally popular 90s and the double Reebok Kamikaze 1 black and red color, the double Reebok Kamikaze 1 will be officially on sale recently, the price cheap foamposites of 109 euro. 494822014157161829361262_L.jpg (156.78 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-8 09:38 upload 49482201415716181617395_L.jpg (145.22 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-8 09:38 upload 49482201415716182665829_L.jpg (151.23 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-8 09:38 upload 49482201415716182247025_L.jpg (155.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-8 09:38 upload 49482201415716181968978_L.jpg (145.15 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-8 09:38 upload Jordan Brand's Air Jordan 1 evergreen tree has a lot of classical design, and recently on the network once again exposed a Sample version is pocketed the eye of many shoes. This section with the superior texture of beige suede shoes making body, wing collar Logo shoes by the black trim, finally carrying wooden style bottom show. air-jordan-1-mid-suede-wood-sample-1.jpg (510.53 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Suede Wood Sample 2015-8-27 23:46 upload Jordan, evergreen tree 0016, AIR JORDAN 16 Jordan 16, 2001. While Jordan left the stadium, but it can not be separated from loved basketball, and he made the boss of the wizards, Jordan basketball shoes myth series continues. The 16 generation has discovered that there was a feeling of deja vu, leather tips from the 11 generation, visible air cushion and net surface material from the 5 generation, 6 generation from translucent outsole. The important thing is that this is not a simple imitati Cheap air jordans for sale on, but classic design based on these more bold innovation and continuity, of which the most important is the removable magnetic shoe design and the new Blow-molser air Air. The detachable shoe design is very clever, remove shoes to reduce the weight of the 16 generation, increase of permeability and flexibility, more suitable for play. The 16 generation of the overall sense of the shoe cover is very strong, the appearance of novel, full of fashion. It's like a just game chipin athletes in the blink of an eye in a business suit, the shuttle in the office building. Careful observation you will find the word Jordan in the outer bottom is composed of 16 patterns, there is on the bottom of the window 3/4 palm cushion, actually is in line with the back cushion with the same Blow-molser Air on a layer in the bottom, the overall feeling good. Technology; mesh material and suede, leather uppers composed of better permeability and toughness, thickening of shoes I design shoes, bare feet and was close to an excellent package, full palm carbon fiber tray strong and stable, the Zoom Air Blow-molser as sole air cushion, Air cushion, have a good sense of speed and shock at the same time, reduce the height of the shoes in a certain extent, the shoe sole bottom, get the best sense of field. 17, AIR JORDAN 17 Jordan 17, 2002. The 17 generation design inspiration from jazz and pure aristocrat Aston Martin British car. The first 17 generations the first feeling is l Retro jordans for sale uxurious, trapeze signs shoe box metal texture with relief like, only the shoe box design in sports shoes so go to war, history or a bottom. To the 17 generation is different from other Jordan shoes, sure enough, the price reached $200 (1680 yuan) of the price reached the pinnacle of sports shoes. The 17 generation of the continuation of the shoe cover design of the 16 generation, each of the two sides of the upper row of lace holes, lateral lace holes for shoe cover hasp. Material with a fabric material excellent toughness and synthetic leather. Science and technology; Zoom in the forefoot Air cushion and the back cushion collocation of new Blow-molser Air, lightweight Phylon midsole, full palm TPU bearing tray, which allows 17 generation performance. In the middle of the shoe heel, a stable TPU layer of blue and silver was partly hidden and partly visible trapeze signs on Jordan words, is both the performance and appearance of classic design. 18, AIR JORDAN 18 Jordan 18, 20〉2017 has been 1/3 years, shoes sale has become more hot, then not only has the high popularity of classic black shoes, and the new technology running shoes will also be sold in the market! then take a look at the second half of this year, what is worth looking forward to starting and shoes! AirJordan3 "BlackCement" release date: by the end of 2017 AirJordan3 in the next year will usher in the 30th anniversary new year, rumors will be at the end of the year ahead of Cheap jordans online the release of Superman gas, as the market for preheating! And before the AirJordan3 88 have the same specifications, followed by using NikeAir markers! AirJordan3QS "Katrina" number: 136064-116 release date: November sale price: $$190 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to commemorate the unfortunate, JordanBrand has specially designed a AirJordan3 "Katrina", for the auction charity, but has never been publicly sold! AirJordan3 "BlackCat" number: 136064-011 release date: December 2017 to air "BlackCat" nickname for color inspiration, using black nubuck leather, leather and the same color burst pattern shaped shoe body, showing MJ ghosts smart stadium style. AirJordan4RetroOG "Bred" Release date: unknown sale price: $$220 classic black and red color, the last release date is December 23, 2012, the return will also restore OG Nike heel. AirJordan5 "Fire& Ice" Pack release date: July (TBD) two AirJordan5 respectively by red and royal blue suede insole to build, with a passionate tone, a cold ice, Rainbow Night the fierce offensive you stand? AirJordan11 release date: by the end of 2017 as a rule, at the end of the year AirJordan11 will refresh the shoes market! But at the end of this year the sale of sale of drama, has now burst three colors, what a pair has not yet been determined, there may be more than one double! AirJordan12 "Taxi" release date: December was engraved in 2013 December 14th, this pair of black Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale and white color with gold buckle classic popularity will return again this year! Suspected Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Chinese version exposed 2015-09-25 14:59:36 we have been introduced to you a variety of Adidas D Rose 6 Boost full color matching, also have been loved by everyone. As Ross himself sixth pairs of signature shoes, also see the brand's intentions. Today, the network exposed a new color, with the black, green, and rendering in heel lining bottom, the whole China wind like Moyu I wonder if this is not in general, Adidas launched Chinese limited edition? We also expect the late brand to bring us answers. Air Jordan "Ultimate Gift of Flight" detail map 2014-12-22 14:39:28 Air Jordan "Ultimate Gift of Flight Jordan Brand suite is undoubtedly in the 2014 blockbuster ending. The Air Jordan 11 and the Air Jordan XX9 in the suit come from the hands of Tinker Hatfield, and have epoch-making significance in the design. There is no need to say more about Air Jordan 11, and I believe that all shoe fans have more or less affection for it. And Air Jordan XX9 equipped with FlightPlate technology and one-piece woven upper shoes, in many shoes stand out, become the lightest Air Jordan shoes so far. "Ultimate Gift of Flight" package will be landed tomorrow Nike online shopping mall and designated sales shops for sale, the price is 3499 rmb. Nike Kobe A.D. "Big Stage" color of the launch is to commemorate Kobe in the 2010 finals to grab seven win Cel Cheap foamposites for sale tics, wearing platinum color Kobe 5, Big Stage". prior to the Nike Kobe A.D. "Big Stage" official release time is scheduled for June 3rd, but in, the shoes have been on sale. link point, I interested friends may wish to pay attention to. shoes information: Nike Kobe A.D. color: White/Metallic, Gold-Metallic, Gold number: 852425-107 offer date: June 3, 2017 price: $160 the sale time of the shoes has not been announced in china. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! summer, the recovery of all things, but also to the night ride cool season, dead fly night ride undoubtedly let you become the one of the most cool street. Aventon has launched a new member of the family, the upgraded version of 2017 Cordoba (Cordoba). 2017 Cordoba is on the hot old Cordoba frame foundation, upgrading some of the amazing new technology features. The new promotes the front stiffness and control of the tapered head tube, while developing a new Aventon cone head, front fork and bowl assembly, renewing the hydroforming seat tube and improving the rigidity of the five link. as the famous Dead flying brand, Aventon is America's largest venue cycling event, Wolf Pack Hustle sponsors and dead race Red Hook sponsors. Aventon's compact racing frame became so popular in the U Cheap foamposites for sale nited States that there were legions of fans in Europe, Russia and South korea. This 2017 Cordoba entry-level flying dead car, the domestic price of around 3000, quite approachable. new frame still retains double smoke 6061 aluminum alloy pipe, the future will suffer netizens criticism. However, in order to adjust the gear ratio, we increase the horizontal adjustment stroke of the rear claw and adjust to more foot change without changing the number of links. 2017 Cordoba whole vehicle for the 75% package, equipped with Aventon Push suite, including handlebar, seat block, tooth plate, cushion, wheel group. It is easy to assemble and can be disassembled and assembled within 30 minutes. since the dead fly itself is already niche entertainment, as a niche brand which, unlike other Aventon and bicycle manufacturers as productivity strong, Aventon annual production of dead fly number is very limited. In 2016 of last year, the old Cordoba got a very good sales performance, sold out online, only the next cable store, you can still have inventory. Unlike the expensive bicycle brands in Italy, Aventon, a popular young customer, has 3000 car prices that are irresistible to those seeking individuality. suggested that Cordoba can be both dead and live fly fly, as long as the reverse rear wheel can change the flywheel, after riding a dead fly or the existence of security risks more and more people will choose to use all the daily use of live fly. frame &〉as a NBA player, the greatest glory is to win a championship, but this is not the most memorable, but forced the alliance to modify the rules for its. If a player can have Nairang alliance as he changes to the rules, that this influence is can not be ignored, at least the influence not only provided now on the pitch. but sometimes not, revise the rules of glory. If it is like Wilt Chamberlain, O'Neill the behemoth, as they expand 3S or set up a reasonable collision zone, that is really the shall not, because their ability really rise to the destruction of fair play height. But there are also some of the players is through the destruction of the court order or image to have forced the alliance to revise the rules for the, such as the frequent replacement of the jersey number, this is to belong to curry favour by claptrap. In addition, there is also a part of technology, such as Yao Ming's all star voting, stadium accident and so on, does not involve the individual players, only for the maintenance of the normal operation of the alliance decision. let NBA to amend the rules of . below we see which NBA cattle can have so much ability, forcing the NBA to modify rules (in alphabetical order): 〈 pfirst look at those strength faction, is really deterrent to the people on the court Fair: 1, Danny biazon biazon's name is not known to the public, and even some people have never heard of these three words. But in 1954 he tin pull hereby Hill National Team [Philadelphia 76ers predecessor] Villazon boss to the union suggested the establishment of 24 seconds to attack time, this was so rely more on uninterrupted dribble then obtain free throws decided game winning basketball game have more worth seeing, but also save the NBA. 2, Mccann George NBA as the first emperor in the history of the history of the superstar, the height of outstanding, excellent technology Mccann in the year no one can block. In order to limit his play, NBA specially will lane width from 6 feet expanded to 12 feet, but it still can not weaken his power. 1949-1952 three years, Mccann last to become the best shooter in NBA, but also in 1952 and 1953 to get the NBA's rebound in the game. At the same time, in order to cover the advantages and limitations of Mccann, NBA also specifically provides defensive interference with the ball. 3, Wilt - Chamberlain and Mccann, Chamberlain in his time in the same few rivals, like him with height and the explosive force inside less and less. Have NBA again Lane from 12 feet to 16 feet to expand. At the same time, in order to prevent Chamberlain dunk, NBA will not required baseline ball ball over rebounds. In order to limit Chamberlain's basket two attack, so NBA set up provisions of offensive goaltending. 4, Bob - Cousy as the originator of modern guard, Cousy wrote in the NBA river.Jordan Brand on sale today, Chicago and two color Air Jordan XXXI Low, using Flyweave technology and Flywire technology woven fly line vamp with leather shoes combination, and equipped with FlightSpeed technology with the money in the end. home color matching with white uppers and white outsole, and then black and red respectively decorated lining, midsole FlightSpeed and JUMPMAN details. Like friends click here to buy NIKE official website. and off the road use eye-catching red through the whole, FlightSpeed rear half with silver embellishment. Like friends click here to buy NIKE official website. if you want to know the actual performance of this paragraph, you can click here to see our previous evaluation. 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