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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] It is reported that the San Antonio Spurs Tony - Tony Parker already well-known sports brand Nike to break up, he had to switch to a brand of China, and his new contract is valued at $ 2.6 million per year to 4 million between dollars. Prior to this, between Parker and Nike contract value a year from 1.05 to 1.32 million US dollars. Over the past few months, Parker and Nike have been discussing a new contract, but in the end the two sides failed to reach agreement, Parker chose to switch to Chinese brands, Parker will also serve as ambassadors of the brand. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Sports players adidas Originals Tubular Runner 93 OG color & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-01-27 14:55:21 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes n Cheap air jordans for sale etwork on January 27 hearing, at the end of last year published adidas Originals Tubular, in fact, as early as in 1993, Tubular Runner of the same name has been published, the tube-type tire style soles in the year can be said to be a fairly avant-garde innovation design. The recent adidas Originals will this Tubular Runner 93 OG color back into our eyes. Beige suede and leather shoes are constructed, with orange and black color embellished retro flavor texture. Compared Ganso Tubular Runner shoes, to replace the tire soles Tubular Runner 93 OG seems to be more with the feeling of the modern movement, like friends not to be missed, now you can start in Oneness and other dealers, priced $ 100. (Media Partner: Ariel Shoes & nbsp; street ladder shoes) Related news for the fans, the Home Jersey has a sacred and unique symbolic meaning, the fans with the beloved club together, a lot of fans also like in their own way on the Jersey exp Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ress his love for the club. Chris & middot; Reid, a photographer with the Arsenal fans, with his camera to record many Arsenal fans unique creation, this series of lens is a pure beautiful works, has nothing to do with any team. asked: you use the camera to record a lot of incredible Jersey, what is the trigger you create this series? : a few years ago I bought Arsenal's season tickets, then a week with my friends go to the stadium to watch the ball. I always take the camera with my own way to record some of the bits and bits of the arsenal. Before I have seen these special back number of Jersey, but also appreciate their approach, so later I saw these shirts began shooting. Now this has become a habit, a few hours before the start of the game on the pitch in advance, the shuttle in the bar, but also contacts a number of websites and magazines to seek cooperation and help, gradually become addicted to. asked: do you have a new view on Retro jordans for sale the shirt? Relative with A Senna, you have to pay more attention to the visiting fans Jersey? answer: I have become a super fan of the shirt, especially in the late 70's to the early 90's.. Italy Club Jersey is also very special for me, Florence's purple, Juventus pink, 80's Milan jersey! asked: do you have your own custom Jersey? answer: No, actually I rarely wear a shirt, ha ha asked: the shirt can be said to be the spirit of the Jersey, in such a way is better able to contact the club? answer: This is for sure. The fans' participation, the opposition, the team and the players formed the real football. From Chants songs, slogans, flags and banners, football is always full of punk and the presence of a DIY element. I think the creation of some personal customized uniform show love to another club level, will get the respect of other fans. question: which one do you like best? replied, "I told my wife that Arsenal are always my favor cheap foamposites ite." Very addition to the Ross endorsement of Adidas D Rose 5, Adidas Basketball will also be proud of Boost technology applied to You Li Ladd's endorsement of Crazylight basketball shoes. Shoe appearance, Crazylight Boost vamp using special line texture rendering, and designers also use black box line outline contour lines of the whole, and the pink collocation outsole to complete the entire design. At the end of nature is the use of Boost technology, the shock absorption as well as unprecedented feedback, but also equipped with a three-dimensional FITFRAME 3D and ENERGYPLATE in the bottom technology, making shoes, performance excellence. Source: hypebeastAaron sukemoto - Nike Zoom HyperQuickness 2015 Russell Westbrook - Air Rajon Rondo - ANTA RR 2 Jordan Clarkson - Air cishiping - Panda shoes cishiping - Nike Kobe 10Travel, we can see people in every kind of shoes. Have to wear sandals, we Cheap foamposites for sale aring shoes, wear slippers, wear shoes, and the big brother who wore a suit and tie foot shoes. For those sister aunts high heels on the conquest of Huashan, Mount Huangshan, in addition to the skill we sigh, we will inevitably feel the backwardness of outdoor products. when we go out for an outing, usually wear a pair of white shoes or shoe what. Later we gradually began to put on shoes and high-end sports shoes. These shoes are used for general urban tourism, can also accept, but they are not suitable for outdoor hiking. Remember in acetabular Valley just developed, our teacher to withstand pressure, take you to go for an outing on the eve of senior high school entrance examination. At that time has not yet formed what vertebral acetabular valley line, along the bottom of the canyon upstream of the students often have to step on the stones through a clear brook. The stones covered with moss, and occasionally fall in water. The fat Cheap foamposites for sale old bear already fell down 3 times in less than an hour, only the sun on the shore of airing shoes. I was wearing a pair of Nike high, just began to dare in the brook with flight, but later also unfortunate drowning. Our class of more than 30 people, more than 60 people fell into the water, once upon a time, an outdoor hiking tour into a water park. Early summer weather in Beijing is better, although we repeatedly fell into the water, we are lucky, no one was injured sick. But if we go to a complex environment, local temperature changes, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. in outdoor sports, a good pair of shoes is very important. When you are carrying a large backpack mountain wading, your feet will be much larger than usual pressure. If you need to climb or jump, your ankle will be the impact from different directions. In this case, you can ensure that don't get hurt? A good pair of shoes can not only give you comfort, you Cheap jordans online can also guarantee the smooth journey. if you only in urban tourism, a pair of sneakers can cope with the. If you walk more, a good pair of walking shoes (Walking Shoes) will make your feet much easier. If you have a car, where the terrain is not very complicated, you don't need professional outdoor shoes. Most of the time, I will wear a pair of Clarks shoes. Clarks shoes are not beautiful, but it is very comfortable to wear shoes. The day after wearing it feet or so easily, after coming home, I often feel a pair of slippers is superfluous. Of course, if you go to the more complex terrain environment, had better wear a pair of hiking shoes. 0.jpg (116.96 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:26 2014-5-12 custom shoes God Mache again new Batman Batmobile design inspiration, for use in Nike Air Mag. The original grey shoes of Nike Air Mag are decorated with the geometric shapes of black gray, and they are decorated with black gray tone decoration and LED lamp at the bottom. It makes Nike Air Mag show a new look. 1.jpg (104.24 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album Upload 09:26 2014-5-12Nike co-founder Bill - Bowerman (Bill Bowerman) said: "a pair of shoes should have three elements: the dress is light, comfortable, durable wear." at the end of 1950s, Bill Bowerman was an experienced coach, but he does not love at that time with thick leather and metal made running spikes. So he began to concentrate on how to reduce the weight of running shoes and help runners to shorten their playing time, and his exploration eventually redefined the sports shoes. Prior to , Bormann world without end curiosity and drive that he has achieved success in many fields: born in 1911 in Portland Oregon he in the school of University of Oregon is an outstanding student athlete, then in the critically acclaimed as a high school football and track coach at. He participated in the Second World War and the spoils, become a hero. In 1948, he returned to his alma mater to teach. In the 24 years he taught, he led University of Oregon to win the Athletics Championship of NCAA for four times, and trained 16 athletes who could run 1 miles in 4 minutes. In addition, in 1960s, he also introduced jogging into the Eugene community and later developed into a national sport. He also served as the 1972 Munich Olympic Games the track coach. Bill Bowerman and a Oregon track athlete, about 1969 Bowerman and Phil Net (Phil Knight) mentor, coach and friend, they co founded blue ribbon sports company in 1964 (Blue Ribbon Sports), which is the predecessor of Nike. His self-confidence and initiative helped the company create the original business mode -- the introduction and sale of sports shoes made in Japan. This mode is not only successful but also developing. , however, the fact that the influence of shoe design innovation Bormann own larger, and thus the formation of the Nike design through the perspective of athletes with change of the concept of the product. made better sports shoes Bill Bowerman in a laboratory in Eugene, about 1980 in 1950s, he started from repairing running shoes. At that time, he wrote to some footwear companies to raise the idea of improving running shoes to serve the runners better, but no one accepted his opinion. Although upset, but Bowerman did not stop at the local, a cobbler's help, he learned how to do it yourself shoe. At first, he used a band saw to dismantle some of the existing running shoes to understand the internal structure of the shoes. Then, he made of metal and plastic nail plate, is also different with different shoe soles. Later, a Springfield bootmaker system gave him some technical advice, but also taught him how to make a kind of shoes. 〉